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Tweaked solution for XNA4/VS2010
I fixed the xnaPanzer solution to use XNA 4 Framework (not Client). The repository UUID appears to have been modified. The solution compiles and runs just fine. I intend to devote some time to this project to add functionality to the proof-of-concept game. Your suggestions are hereby solicited.

Latest Release (12 Jan 2009)
The latest binary release contains actual Unit and UnitType classes (finally). Unit and UnitType data is contained in XML files. You can select and move the two units (still without regard to terrain, weather, enemy units, etc). Hovering the mouse over a unit displays its basic data (name, type, strength, ammo, fuel, etc).

Project Description
xnaPanzer is an XNA4/C#/VS2010 game loosely based on the classic Panzer General war game. I am using the original PG graphics siphoned from the SHP image files.

Additional Project Info
Panzer General was arguably the first computer war game that appealed to the masses. It is easily playable, has an intuitive user interface and has just enough role-playing components (core units that go with you from battle to battle) to bring you back for more. I have no doubt there are many hobbyist game programmers out there who are willing and able to assist in creating an XNA version of SSI's classic turn-based game. I urge all of you to contribute to this endeavor in whatever fashion you can and I hope you never stop providing feedback and asking questions. Together our long-time dream will most certainly become a reality!

About Panzer General
Panzer General (PG) (wiki: is a World War II (WWII) turn-based, operational-level computer war game published by SSI in 1994. It uses a hexagon map and a varying unit scale ranging from battalions to corps. The game spawned a series of successful, related games and has a loyal following even today. There are hundreds (thousands?) of available scenarios and campaigns and there is ongoing tournament play. One way to play the original DOS version on Windows is by using the DosBox utility.

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